or lack of.. In 1986 Citro├źn figured they needed to be part of the whole Group B party.. So they developed (read: cobbled together) the mighty (well) BX 4TC.

It was a, well what was it? It was something that looked vaguely like a BX, but with a longitudinally mounted engine, an engine they got from Chrysler Europe (Simca) and slapped a turbo on. And it HAD to be AWD right? Sure, so Citro├źn made some sort of AWD, that for some reason made the nose heavy car even MORE prone to understeer (unless on full throttle that is). Recipe for success right?

Well, Citro├źn thought so. But the best result for the 4tc was a sixth place in a single rally (in sweden).

That said and done. I do love the 4tc, I think it looks somewhat cool, and I love the sound/noise the engine makes.. and it does not look half bad thrashing about does it?