Is it just because I’m smack in the middle of my thirties and finally getting my degree that I feel like all the other students around me are dumb as rocks? Every single group project has been me organizing it, me doing the bulk of the work, me collecting half-assed work from teammates the night before it’s due, me re-doing all of their work and merging it into one document, and me submitting it. These people don’t know how to form a proper sentence, don’t know how to cite sources, don’t know the most basic of Excel formulas, don’t know how to merge Word documents together, and absolutely, positively cannot assess a situation and get shit done. I could understand if this was some fly-by-night community college, but this is Oregon State University.

Am I just a bitter old grandpa looking down on the next generation, or are they really as f*cked as I think they are? I wonder who the hell ties their shoes for them.


Rant over... I feel better now.