I went camping. Took the family of four and a RAV4 of all our crap and tenting gear to see if the adults we are can handle a two and six year old for two days of pretending to rough it. Along the way we happened upon some of the most inappropriately named trailers and RVs to ever hit the road.


I’m going to relax and get away and see the country one camp ground at a time-by killing everyone that had anything to do with my trailer park Ex! Arrrr! Is that really where my adventure begins? Seeking Vengeance? In most books or movies probably but....here?

Just what is the point of this name? What are they avenging? It’s not even the name of the type of trailer, it’s the freakin’ company that makes these. They have a whole line of Avenger’s and they don’t look anything like the superheros. These don’t fly. I can only assume that if the actual Avenger team required some affordable lodging during their visits to combat sites so far away they had to find accommodations, they would seek these. A member of the Avengers that only burns gas and sleeps six.

The Gladiator?


What is going on? I am expecting flame throwers out the side and machine guns-no-Gatling guns to pop out of the front and get Mad-Max on everyone’s laser targeted behind.

Now, Let’s throw on a really creepy name that makes living in a trailer a really special experience.


When did the relaxation industry make getting away an aggressive pastime? “Hey everyone let’s get in my trailer/RV and go Fuckin’ camping mutherfuckers!”

The Bounty-Hunter:


This is the category of RV where you have a back section that lets you bring more motorized vehicles inside your vehicle. Quads, bikes, etc. But I would expect the back end to be a refrigerated intrastate corpse museum with a name like, “The Bounty Hunter”. Her. Here is the actual advertising banner from Gulf Stream themselves.

So, camping. Why so angry yo? The logo of the model has a gun slinger silhouette on it telling you that someone is gettin’ dead. Which is probably really going to happen if you stopped in that tourist trap town that kills Wild Bill every hour in public.


Good luck. May all of your encounters with the trailer crowd this summer be with Sea Breeze’s and Sunset Explorers, instead of the crowd that feels they have to Jock Rock their way through any vacation in the intimidator maximus 300.