I think I’ve found the grrr in my truck and either the cause or symptom of my driveline thunk thats been getting worse. I used to think it was the front diff but it turns out there is a leak and some play in the transfer case front housing extension bearing.

Like I said...is it a symptom? or a the cause? Pretty sure it was caused by either the front driveshaft hitting the sway bar when it went up on a post lift...or from an overpacked slipjoint in the front driveshaft that hydraulically jammed it in.

in either case I need:

A new front shaft

A rebuilt front extension housing.

There is a guy willing to sell me a used transfer case and and front driveshaft...probably $250 for the lot...but its a 166k mile set that has an unknown center diff, viscous coupler and lock actuator, not to mention seals and u-joints. Oh and the truck it came from died from a hard front hit that moved the front axle a lot. On the other hand...its probably a $300 job to rebuild the front (I don’t have the SST’s and pullers/presses I need). Thoughts?