I got a ‘we tried to deliver your parcel’ note yesterday.

Went round to the post office to pick it up and was asked for I.D.

I said, does this not count. It’s the note you put through my letter box to come and get my parcel.


Was told, ‘because Royal Mail delivers on behalf of Amazon, they insist on I.D. so I need to see a proof of I.D.

I said, ‘true, good point, I could of broken into the house and grabbed this card and brought it here in the hope it was something priceless.

So I went home. Grabbed my passport as it was close by and went back. Was told a credit or debit card would of sufficed (how, that’s not proof of I.D. it’s merely a piece of plastic with my name on, I could of stolen it from the house I broke into when I got this card).

Also. My parcel has nothing to do with Amazon, clearly.


Saying that, it’s only ten 50ml glass bottles I use to decant whiskey or vodka into to give to customers.

If I recommend a drink to a customer and they look like they want to try it, I offer them some to try, so if they like it, they can get some, if they don’t, they’ve narrowed it down a little as to which way they want to go with their drinking. 


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