When I started a chat with AT&T last night to ask what the various UPLOAD speeds were for the different internet packages, I decided then and there to upgrade and the lady I was chatting with said she could do it, no problem.

I then asked if any equipment changes, wiring, or technician visit was necessary and she said “NOPE. Just reset the router and in a couple hours” I’d have 45mbps down, 6 up. A far cry from my 12/1.5 I get now.

Then I log on this morning and see THIS:

Except it says JUNE NINTH. And my internet is still slow. Okay....

So tonight I log on, do a speed test, its still slow, so I log into my AT&T account and see the same “Technician will be there June 9th” message, so I fire up the chat.

I’ll spare you the details but I practically had to BEAT IT OUT OF THEM that there WAS no tech needed, its a simple flipping of a switch, and OH BY THE WAY we can do it tomorrow now instead of June 9th.


Seriously, AT&T, fix your fucking website to give the proper nomenclature when someone is simply increasing their internet speed, with no other changes needed.

This shit BETTER go through, and be hella faster tomorrow when I get home from work.