When will people learn that it's not the interface that keeps people from using mobile payments, but the cost and complete lack of infrastructure? There is absolutely nothing innovative or really useful at all about "ApplePay".

EDIT for more rant: There's already about 100 companies doing the exact same thing, it's been tackled by both Mastercard and Google already, and all of them have failed because they're all doing the exact same thing, just hoping that people will change their minds.


It's like the autonomous car problem. Sure it LOOKS good on paper and to someone who designs software for living it seems a 'no brainer' that people will want to use something more futuristic and cool, but it shows complete disconnect to how the economy and finance world really works.

If Apple doesn't lose their ass and discontinue the program like Google did half a decade ago with Google Wallet, it will only be because they're big enough that they can sell a failing idea enough times to make up their losses. They're like the pre-bailout GM in that sense.


Boring car for a boring computer company for your time:

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