I got new tires about week ago. They were unable to do the alignment. They said the tie rods were frozen in place and the toe bolts in the rear were all fucked up. Well turns out 50% of that was true. The toe bolts are infact busted. I have the car at a shop right now. they said one side is rusted solid and the other is missing the head of the bolt. The bolts are is such bad shape, that they may not be able to remove the bolts and insted that they may need to replace the control arms.

My question would you just have the shop do it or is this something that I could possibly do on my own? I have a saws-all with a metal blade, beyond that I would need some guidance. Any thoughts/advice?

edit: the shop I am at right now was recommend by a client of my office. we are creating the drawings for his used BMW sales lot / service center. This is the shop he uses all the time so I do have some trust in what they are saying. I’m trying to figure out is this is a possible driveway fix or if its over basic abilities.