This evening the BBC are reporting that Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has said that he and his company are very unhappy with how Formula 1 is currently run and could pull out of the sport.

The BBC has taken the news directly from the the Austrian newspaper 'Kurier' in which Mateschitz stated that there is a "clear limit to what we can accept" when asked about issues with sportsmanship and political influence.


Mateschitz also launched himself into the debate on the current state of F1, saying; "You have to make F1 like it used to be - the top discipline of motorsports, F1 is not there to set new records in fuel consumption, nor to make it possible to have a whispered conversation during a race. It is absurd to race a lap seconds slower than last year. GP2 partially provides more racing and fighting and almost equal lap times as F1 with a small fraction of the budget."

The problem this guy has at the moment is that he's immensely annoyed that his car was disqualified from the race results in Australia, and his designers and engineers haven't delivered a car as competitive as the last few years.

The FIA warned Red Bull before the race to use the readings from the FIA fuel sensors and not their own. Red Bull chose to ignore them. It should have come has no surprise to them when they were then disqualified after the race. The only person to feel sorry for in all of this is Daniel Ricciardo, who drove fantastically well the whole weekend.


It shows a serious lack of class to come out in the media and threaten to quit the sport as soon as things start getting a bit tough for you. Toughen up, get things going and start winning again. It's how things go in Formula 1. Just because you have a lot of money invested in the sport doesn't mean you should be allowed to throw your weight around and threaten to walk out on it because you ignored instructions from the people who make the damn rules in the first place.


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