GS350 PPI Results are In

Received the results of the PPI I requested at the local Lexus store where I’m picking up my new-to-me 2011 GS350, and there were a few things they pointed out, one of which is a bit worrisome.

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They basically called out four things:

1) Engine air filter needs replacement
2) Cabin air filter needs replacement
3) Right rear shock starting to weep
4) Front cover starting to weep


The last item is the only real baddie out of the four, and this seems to be a rather common issue with the 2GR-FSE (and a few other related engines). Essentially, either the seal wasn’t done well at the factory or, when a VVT recall/warranty work was performed, the tech didn’t do a great job on the seal. Bad news is that it’s apparently an engine-out fix(!) to get it squared away at a dealer cost of about $2k. Good news is that it’s just an oil leak and the vast majority of internet comments I’ve read note that their leaks haven’t really gotten any worse, so it never required addressing, just regular inspection and checking the oil level.

It doesn’t really scare me, but should it?  Haven’t paid out any money for this thing yet aside from the PPI and a plane ticket.

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