The GS850G dug a hole in my parking space and I put the Buell up for sale!

I did a small teardown of the GS. I found a fuel filter that looks pretty orange-brown and the liquid inside it is clear. The carbs leak a little from the intake side, so they may also be flooded.

One of the previous owners replaced the air filter with a dish rag...k...

Engine starts but puffs white-ish smoke. It’s not getting enough fuel or the fuel it’s getting is crap.


I’m with Madame DeLorean tonight, but when I return tomorrow I’ll replace the filter, drain the bowls, then see what comes out. Hopefully it just choked on some water. If not, I looked up cleaning the carbs and it doesn’t look too hard.

Once I get it running reliably I’m going to paint the tank and panels. I’m going for white with a pink racing stripe.

Meanwhile, I put the Buell up for sale. After riding the GS, the Buell just isn’t fun anymore. It’s so slow, small, and uncomfortable. So screw it, let’s commit to this vintage craziness!


Like with my last bikes, sale price is what I paid for it back in May ($1200).

Following the recommendations of our resident motorcycle prof, I decided to upgrade the carb boot and the gear lever. Interestingly enough, the previous owner had already installed a custom boot and the gear lever has a nice and thick washer on it. Neat!


Replacements for the Buell are all runners and they are a Goldwing...

That Interceptor from the previous thread.


A GS1100 in need of a seat

A XS750


A KZ750

This Magna 700


A GS750

And there are a few others I won’t list out. Again, the idea is a direct swap without spending any real monies.


Is it bad that I almost like motorcycles more than smarts?