Need an old C-141A Starlifter to make that awesome playhouse for your kids? Or how about a C-8 Buffalo that’s been modified by adding four turbofans? Sadly, neither of those will ever be airworthy (legally), but you could have your pick of a handful of preowned Blackhawk helicopters (one per customer, please). Since they are still flyable, bidding for the Blackhawks starts at $1M apiece. But bidding on the Starlifter and the Buffalo starts at the low low low price of just $5,000. Bring a trailer.


C-8 Buffalo Augmentor QSRA


HH-60L Blackhawk Helicopters

You can check out even more screaming good deals at the GSA Auctions website, where they are selling just about anything imaginable at bargain basement prices.


H/T to f86sabre for the link