So, some of you may know I used to drive a GT-R. I haven't said too much about it, but I do have a few good stories that I could share, so I'll periodically write one up and post it. Here's the first one.

(Full Disclosure: This story is true. Unless I can somehow get in trouble for this years after it happened, and you happen to be in a position to actually get me in trouble. In that case, it's not true and I made it all up.)

I had my car early in 2010, and at the time it was really rare on the road. It attracted a lot of attention, and people would always ask me what kind of car it was (the only Nissan badge is on the back). So one day, making a beer run at school (not going to say what school it was, but it rhymes with Hooniversity of Hiami), I pull up to the convenience store, ready to buy a bunch of Keystone Light for an obscenely cheap price (thanks, Florida), and there are two campus police cars in the parking lot. The three officers come over, and we start chatting about the car, and they are really nice guys. I go in, buy as many 12 packs of Keystone as I can carry, and come back out and throw them them in the trunk. Before I leave, one of the three cops goes, "Hey man, wanna give us a quick ride?", and obviously, I was like hell yeah, lol.

So, they try to get in, but they all have holsters and guns and belts and radios and all this cop stuff on, and the back seats are already really tight as it is, and there is this cheap hard plastic that surrounds the rear buckets that's really brittle and scratches easily, and of course so too does the leather of the front and rear seats. Without me saying anything, one of them goes "give me all the guns and stuff"', and all the cops start taking off their guns and belts and batons and whatever else, and one of the guys gets in the backseat and holds on to everything in his lap, like three guns, batons, flashlights, belts, everything, lol.

So we all pile in, and I start driving them around at like 5mph because I'm clearly terrified, when they are like "Dude, don't be afraid, hit it!" I didn't need to be told twice, so I went to some deserted roads behind an old complex and proceeded to give these cops an 11/10, all three switches to race, tail-happy, launch control-ey ride that I'm sure none of them has ever forgotten, all the while with like five 12 packs of Keystone Light thumping around from side to side in my trunk. They were cheering like crazy. It was awesome. Part of me wanted to get pulled over right then by some other police officer, just to see the look on his face when he saw the four of us.


Interestingly enough, about a year later I was pulled over by one of those same officers for speeding in a different car. I didn't get a ticket.