So I have a PS3 and I'm still playing GTA V but I went ahead and picked up the copy of GT6 I pre-ordered over the summer, thinking it would be on-receipt DLC (assload of cars + color chips + suit). It's not. I got a 15th Anniversary copy and it cost $59.99+ tax (-$5 preorder).

Anyways, I just found out that I could stack discounts on Amazon and get a pretty nice deal for only $39.99 + tax but without any of the cool bonus cars and other DLC goodies.

What do you guys think - is the 15th anniversary copy "worth" more than the standard edition? Is that extra content worth it?

For what it's worth I kinda tgot into Forza 4 but the handling model isn't my favorite and I only used the livery editor to make the bumper sticker on my car and a RTR TSX replica. Kinda hoping GT6 will be "beter" and it already wins by having the proper '70 Camaro: the split-bumper RS.