GT6'ers, Don't Forget To Change Your Oil!

Just a friendly reminder before you take your shiny new car for a spin.

As in GT5, changing the oil, even on a brand-new, zero-mile car can give you a small but not-insignificant horsepower gain. I checked my 0.0 km Honda Fit RS's HP before driving it or doing anything to it: 117 HP. After an oil change: 123 HP. That's Cr. 250 well spent, if you ask me.


Now, if anyone has any idea how to disable the annoying HUD hints that come up whenever you shift, accelerate, or brake, that'd be great. EDIT: I found it. In case anyone else wants to know, the option is accessible during a race - press Start\Quick Options\Button Navigation\Off. This is also where you can customize the colour of the HUD gauges. I didn't even know that was a thing!

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