So after the “Import/Export” update dropped for GTA Online, the rumored Skyline-based Elegy turned out to be a real thing, and I had to have it now. I sold off a few cars that I didn’t really care for, since I’m basically broke in-game, and bought this. I love it!

The rear during the day.
Side view.

It’s pretty fast, and I like how the car is basically an R32 with an R33 front end and an R34-influenced rear end; it’s looks are basically perfect IMO. I wanted the exterior to look like Reina’s R32 GT-R from the later episodes of the Wangan Midnight anime, but I ended up just going my own way by adding stuff like the rear fender extensions. I wish Rockstar would update the non-Benny’s aftermarket wheels.

Interior view with digital instrument cluster.
I was surprised to find that these gauges are “functional” in that they can at least move, even if they don’t actively monitor this or that.

I’m extremely disappointed that there isn’t even an option for a right-hand drive conversion, especially since this is a Benny’s car that costs over GTA$900k to obtain by “upgrading” an Elegy RH8. I think the Declasse Mamba got its hardtop option after its initial release, so I’m kinda hoping something similar will happen for the Elegy Retro Custom.

View of the front with the exposed intercooler and its water sprayer.

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