I’ll preface this by saying I am both excited and frustrated by these new additions. Also I just snapped pictures of my TV with my phone. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

Most of the new vehicles are available in Warstock. A few weird ramp contraptions, an amphibious Hilux, an amphibious ATV, the car from Knight Rider I think, and some flatbed desert truck thing. Apparently a few of these were inspired by (read: ripped off) from the F&F franchise. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t watched an F&F in earnest since Tokyo Drift. Oh and a jet powered Coil Voltic.


Most of these are wildly expensive and you need to have an office or one of the new garages to buy any of those. So yeah, bring all of the money

Head over to Legendary Motorsport and there’s the Pegassi Tempest (Lamborghini Huracan) and the Ocelot Penetrator (maybe a Jag XJ220?). Prices actually aren’t outside the realm of normal. Cool, I guess.


Jackson will help me unveil the next one. Take an Annis (am I supposed to pronounce that like anus? Am I NOT supposed to pronounce that like anus?) Elegy RH8 over to Benny’s and for a cool $904,000, you can turn Rockstars attempt at an R35 GTR into...


Rockstar’s attempt at an R32 GTR. It actually looks pretty great as far as I can tell. The level of detail with customizing available at Benny’s should make for a fun time building one of these. The Elegy RH8 itself is free, so rather than squander the cash I already have invested in my R35, dat Midnight Blue paint doe, I will probably just get another one and build it into an R32. After that I will enjoy said car for about a day then stop playing the game for another few months.

So there you have it, Grand Theft Auto Five: The Fastestest and Mostest Furiouser.

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