I’ve just thought of an interesting idea for something to do in GTA Online.

Imagine being in an Invite Only session with other people, and deciding to start replicating another video game in that session.


That’s exactly what I have planned for tonight.

The idea is to replicate one of my favorite things from Burnout Paradise: going into a freeroam session and starting an all-out battle, like a Road Rage without takedown or time limits. Everyone is out to take out everyone else.


If your car gets destroyed, grab a new one and get right back in the battle.

There’s a few rules, though.

1. No personal vehicles: This is basically so nobody’s personal car gets destroyed.


2. No oversized vehicles: No being cheap, so no really big vehicles. Pretty much anything smaller than a Mule is allowed, nothing larger.

3. No weapons: No guns, no explosives, etc. The only vehicle you get is the car you’re driving.


So, if anyone who plays GTA Online on Xbox One is interested, I’ll go set up an Invite Only session, and leave a response below with your gamertag (if you’re either not on my friends list yet or in the crew Grand Theft Oppo. If you are, then you’ll get an automatic invite if you’re already playing GTA), so I can invite you in.

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