So I had started building up my garage and found a Sandking XL (the big off road truck). The XL designates 4 door and is relatively rare (at least from what I've seen), so I decided to keep it and mod it out. Put like 100 grand into it, all armored out, bullet proof tires, etc.

Called my mechanic to bring it to me, and he shows up with my Jeep. WTF? okay maybe I clicked the wrong one. Nope. Go back to my garage, my Jeep is still there. The same Jeep I'm in. and my jacked up truck is gone. Not in the insurance lot, not in the impound lot. GONE.

Thanks Obama.

After driving around for a good while, I could only find the 2 dorr version of this truck again so now I'm re-building that out. Awesome glitch to have if it happened to a super car that's worth something. not awesome when its the other way around.