Henlo Oppo. Haven’t talked to you all in a minute. Working from home ironically has given me less time to browse Oppo. I’m working from home until at least May 4, and our engine plant is not retooling to make masks as of right meow.

Here’s one of the few things I’ve been doing

Illustration for article titled Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour on the Terras

I finally put the guest bedroom to use. Put a nice coat of C5 wheel armour on the Terras. Spent one day doing the faces, let cure; then did the inside the following day. One 30 ml bottle is more than enough for a set. I have about a quarter bottle left, so I may finish it off on the faces one last time.

Application was easy, and instructions were clear. Clean the living hell out of the wheel, apply product, let sit for about a minute, and buff off. Eager to get these back on the van this year. Whether it be RallyCross or winter; whichever comes first!


PS, I cant believe how fresh those Sumitomos look after a season of racing and a winter. 

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