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Does anyone on here have a GTI? I know Automatch Tom bought one a while back but I’m not sure he’s on Oppo as much anymore after making it to the big leagues.


Here’s the situation, I’m kind of done with the lightweight fun car as a daily thing. It’s uncomfortable, it’s horrible to transport anyone in, it’s loud and it’s torque-less. I tried it. I’m done with it. For those that love it, more power to them. It’s not for me. I’m looking at the GTI since it has 100 more lb·ft of torque for only 200 more pounds. With that I’d get added practicality for transporting more than one person, more low end grunt, more comfort and more longevity (read: I can get a pure fun car later if I keep the GTI).

So my questions are: how are they to own? How is the shift feel (the brz shift feel is meh)? How is the comfort? How is the reliability? How is the maintenance?

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