Toby wants to take the Sunchaser.

He would not fit in the Corrolla with the seats up.


Toby has yet to be won over. Me, I like it.

Ok, so here are my first impressions of the GTI as a driver:

1. First, the negative. I really have only one complaint: This thing should be RWD. I have not regularly driven a front wheel drive car since my 87 Integra, and I have yet to get used to driving from the front. It feels very odd. However, as I will discuss, the positives outweigh this.


2. Handling is absolutely superb. It is precise, comfortable, gives good feedback from the road, and goes exactly where you want it to go. I found myself laughing out loud in some of the curves. What I have to get used to is that this is a different tool than my RWD sports cars and coupes of the past, and I plan to learn to embrace its differences. Holy crap this thing is responsive and fun to drive. Even on rough pavement, it doesn’t punish you like a traditional sports car, but you still have great road feel.

3. This car has the best ergonomics of any car I have ever driven. Everything is very comfortable, and every control seems to be placed right where my hand can get it. I never feel like I have to reach or fumble for anything, and my hands and arms never tired while driving. Nice one, Germany.


4. The engine and drive train rules. The burbling, whining turbo is so much fun, and it takes off like a rocket. You should get one, even just to pull it out once in a while.

What next? I am taking it back to the dealer for the detail they owe me this afternoon, and I will order a cover for it. Tomorrow morning, window tint all the way around.


Will be driving it to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving.