GTI owner gives out his short but honest thoughts on new Golf


Uhhhhhhh... its certainly an interesting look... i hate it. The MK7.5 looks way sleeker and sharper than this. This design looks too rounded, like a throwback to the mk5 which was, lets be honest, not the best looking Golf.



As promised, the new Golf has much more tech than before, including Amazon Alexa voice control, and an app that can recognize your smartphone as a key. That’s great and all and i’d be okay with that in my car.


Performance wise, it is about the same as the mk7, but I am not expecting the GTE to come to this side of the pond. No GTI or R yet, but horsepower wise, I am expecting 260hp, and 340hp respectively. (UPDATE I just found this statement. VW also says that the new shifter allows the DSG to “engage reverse while still traveling forward at low speeds to make maneuvering easier.” How the hell...) 



To be quite honest, I’m not a fan. They had the potential to knock this one out of the park on terms of design and performance and they traded it for smartphone keys and more tech. If that is the way the Golf is headed, I’m off the boat.


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