Guess it's time.....

Drove the van to work today, only to be greeted by the overwhelming smell of antifreeze when I got out. Searched around and found my head gaskets are leaking, thankfully out instead of in, but leaking nonetheless.

So I am trying to decide whether to:

1. Just fix them and carry on satisfied with the way she performs.

2. Find an 01-up 3.8L and swap the top end onto my block, which nets about 80hp/85ft-lb bump over what I have currently.


Since it’s kinda sagged into road trip/family carrier/tow vehicle, I’m not sure I want to deal with complications of swapping the top end, likewise, it’s a lot of power for not much more work than I already have to do.

The other issue is how to swing it to the wife on a positive note. She’s fine with modifying, so long as it has a point or is upgrading something that was weak to begin with.

Hoping the wonderful people here can help me in this decision.

Have a classic Charger for your time:

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