I’m here at what my mind thinks my new school would be, but with friends from here AND back in Chicago. We’re in the lunchroom and Party-vi shows up with a laptop (I don’t remember what my brain made him look like, I think it was his profile pic lol) and pulls up FL Studio and starts playing a sick ass beat. All of a sudden two of my friends start laying down some bars and then studio mics appear in front of them and next thing you know they had recorded a rap song. Party-vi says something about J. Cole and Lil Pump then we leave. Next thing I know is that I’m walking in the hallway with my friends again and holy shit this one cute ass girl was with me too..... And I’m telling my friends about Party-vi’s rap song, even though they were the ones who rapped on it, and they said “yeah, I heard it, Lil Pump and J. Cole rapped that shit up good!” And what’s weird is that I remembered that my friends rapped but I agreed with them. It was weird as hell. Later on, me and that girl go get lunch (again) and we’re just fuckin around and shit, and then the last bell rings and we start going to our buses. Me and the girl walk past the buses, though, and I pull out the keys to my CR-V. But when I go up to where my dream-self remembers where I parked it, there sits a green Huracan Performante. The girl starts getting all horny and shit and was....doing things, and my dream-self was just going about everything normally while I am just kinda watching from third person and flipping out all confused. She hops in the Lambo while my dream-self absorbs my regular self watching and I’m outside the Lambo talking to my friends in their cars. Next thing I know, I’m at a bus stop with random people that my brain identified as ORLG, E90M3, TAE, For Sweden, $kaycog, Nibby and KingTChalla as Chadwick Boseman. We all just talk cars, memes, transcendence (mostly Nibby and I, don’t ask why) and when the bus arrives, everyone else gets on and as I start getting on the bus everything disappears and I wake up on the floor. My head is a fucked up place.