This guy! It’s called [YOU’RE ON], based on Madeon’s hit single shown above. It lets me absorb metal and use it in some way. Probably just an armor buff at least, but I reckon if I absorb a heavy enough metal I can hit hard enough to wreck a skyscraper.

Now it’s your turn. Have at most two stands, one from albums before 2000 and another based on albums from 2000 and up. You can pretty much have the first Stand power as it is, but I suggest on clicking on until you find a themetically-fitting Stand for the song title that came out (for example, Linkin’ Park’s Castle of Glass from the Living Things album could be a sort of Midas’ touch, but with glass, or K. Flay’s song Black Wave from Every Where is Some Where could be shockwave generation or a literal wave of darkness washing over some place, or Slash’s Snakepit’s Jizz da Pit from It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere no—). Then just screengrab the result as seen above.

I leave you with some racing for your troubles.