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Guess who just got a Stand?

This guy! It’s called [YOU’RE ON], based on Madeon’s hit single shown above. It lets me absorb metal and use it in some way. Probably just an armor buff at least, but I reckon if I absorb a heavy enough metal I can hit hard enough to wreck a skyscraper.

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Now it’s your turn. Create a stand, based on albums from 2000 and up. You can pretty much have the first Stand power as it is, but I suggest on clicking on until you find a themetically-fitting Stand for the song title that came out (for example, Linkin’ Park’s Castle of Glass from the Living Things album could be a sort of Midas’ touch, but with glass, or K. Flay’s song Black Wave from Every Where is Some Where could be shockwave generation or a literal wave of darkness washing over some place). Then just screengrab the result as seen above.


I leave you with some racing for your troubles.

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