The elections are literally next week, and the campaigns have been finalized. Anaya in the friendly state of Guanajuato(controlled by his party), Meade in the friendly state of Coahuila (controlled by his party) and Obrador in Veracruz, a state that is currently having a gubernatorial election, but controlled pretty much equally between PAN and PRI.

To no one’s surprise, then, Obrador’s closure was less than stellar, not being able to fill the stadium he booked more than half way. Obviously his cronies pounced and blamed the current governor (who is seeking re-election) of impeding access to the to the stadium.


Just to be clear about Obador... the people that want to vote for him are adamant about thing’s he’s said nothing about. According to isidewith.com; 75% of Obrador voters want abortion rights extended, yet his stance is unclear, so is his economic stance (saying he could care both ways for NAFTA) or his stance on gay rights.

Out of all those people, but by way of another source, 70% of the people that want to vote for him say that if he looses, it must’ve been due to electoral fraud. It’s been exactly thirty years and five electoral cycles since the last admitted fraudulent election, yet here we are, again, about to tare ourselves apart. Blanket trust of polls that Brexit, 2016, Costa Rica, and other elections have proven can be wrong will probably end up justifying a lot of acts of violence by the more fanatical groups from all candidates. I can say 2018 has been the most bloody year on record, but who knows how much further that might go.