Guess who’s drinking free Wednesday nights for awhile

My wife and I do trivia with some of her coworkers at a local brewery on Wednesday nights. Tonight we won this:


That’s $420 in gift cards split between where we were tonight and the bar where the DJ does trivia on Tuesday nights. That’s on top of another $20 gift card for being first overall tonight and a free pitcher for winning a round.

Each week the owners of the two bars have added a $5 gift card to a pool. Each week a team that had played all 5 rounds and won one round was randomly drawn to choose from 50 envelopes; one winner and forty-nine losers. Well, after 42 weeks there was finally a winner US!

We plan to spread the bounty out among the other regulars, but given that we generally at least win a free pitcher every week for winning a round and often get either $10 for second or $20 for first overall I expect to drink for free for awhile.

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