Guess who's baaaccckkkk (their URL is, IKR?)

That's right! It's Super Replicas. Or whatever strange conglomerate they've become.

I started researching them some more after attempting to find out if they still offered their solar/plug-in 458 that weighed less and produced equivalent power to the Camry V6 version. I first went to what Google told their website would be, This took me to this screen:

The number one goal for World in 2008 is to open more Franchises in key economic locations around the world. World, going global means establishing more Dealerships, Auto Services and Car Rentals in far reach areas of the globe.

Today in the 21st century we live in a time of great technological advancement. Technology has increased as mankind cuts the red tape and opens their eyes to what is possible. Since the powerful US Declaration of Independence statement “that all men are created equal;” for the first time in the history of mankind we have been set free from the tyrannical red tape “of the world is flat” (bogus rules) so we can “ALL” enjoy the equal privilege and rights for the development of our personal pursuit of excellence and happiness."


Indeed. This is incredible and moving stuff. But I'm confused. Are they called " World" now? Because they say it twice there... Then, the disclaimer moves on to more important things, sorry, more barely coherent drivel.

"Thus we take on a different identity from a patent product (legal terminology) when using the term rival. To Generic we are also identifying our product as something different than an original patent product. To be or not to be this is the question? so it is also a choice between a Generic product or an original product, both products clearly pose themselves as separate identities.

Second of all our advertising clearly promotes our Super Car rivals with promotional names such as Maserati MC 12 Rival or Ferrari Rival or or Bugatti Veyron Rival ect. Whether the name is Rival or Generic Custom Built, it is for certain that we identify our products with a different name. However the product is built identical to the original and the client has the option to use the original logos on the rival. In fact there is no trace on the car itself of our logos only the original logos are used on our rival car body surfaces. In the case of a donor car being the same logo like a Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz we do not tamper or change the VIN or serial plates they stay original."

Then it repeats that second paragraph there. Food for thought indeed. Two more points are made, so definitely check out that link. It's all gold.

But once again, there are many discrepancies and confusing urls. For instance, even if we discount the World part of the aforementioned, there is no other reference to this website on this website besides the alleged copyright at the bottom. The website's title is, which is similar, but not nearly identical. Entering redirects you to the Mansory website.


Wait, no. It takes you to (and this is the actual title of the webpage) Which is the EXACT SAME THING AS THE WIKIPEDIATOPGEAR.COM. It's a much better and fancier design, but has the same content.

Another url mentioned in the disclaimer is audiusamotors. Which is another silly redirect page. This time, more bare bones than anything we've yet seen on our magnificent voyage.


How depressing. Also, I'm diggin' that ENTER graphic almost as much as Super Replicas' graphic designer. Dare you follow the link? I did. And this is what I found:


Yes. I shit you not, that last page leads to this page. And this page's URL is... Yeah, I dunno either. This link takes you to Which is the greatest URL ever devised. So many people accidentally stumble upon that, I bet.

There's undoubtedly more to cover, and I implore you all to take a look at the strange and beguiling page that is I'll leave you with this:

" presents the
standard Safety features"

This is exactly how you want a list of safety features to start off. Very comforting.

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