Guess who's back, back again!

...Humdrum’s back, tell a friend! :P


Rust repaired! It was a tiny bit of rust, and apparently the rust on the hatch and on the rear right quarter was just surface rust, which was a relief, but she’s back $951.63 CAD later.....bodywork around here is ridiculously expensive...

He was really thorough though. Added spaces to the rear bumper so it would no longer rub on the body (which the last shop failed to do, hence why it rubbed and turned into rust anyway...). Also sanded the pointy edge / put that clear 3M protective transparent plastic rock guard strip along the back edge of the trim piece that goes on the hatch so IT wouldn’t rub and cause more rust there again. Put a lot of undercoating sealant inside the rear hatch as well where some water had dripped in past the poorly painted holes for the license plate / trim piece screws that the last shop hadn’t actually painted the edges of (which had caused a bit of light surface rust inside the hatch). That should stop anything going on in there too, hopefully!

Expensive, but I am happy to have my car back. :)

...and yes, I’ll be getting a new license plate soon as mine is in rough shape (the paint on the left is actually was a known fault with E** *** series plates...)!

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