Guess who's going to the 2018 Rolex 24hrs of Daytona?

I am! Well, more specifically: my girlfriend and I decided we should go on a much needed vacation for our upcoming 8th year anniversary on the last week of January. Thoughts bounced between staying domestic for our trip, but a desire to get away from the coldness of winter in Toronto pushed us to look south.

My girlfriend really wanted to go to Disney World, and I was initially hesitant, until I realized that the 24hrs of Daytona is on the same weekend we were planning to arrive. So, we’ll be flying from Toronto to Orlando to enjoy the race and lots of theme park shenanigans too.


We’ll be at the race (with race passes and garage passes) on Saturday and Sunday. Very excited as this is really a once-in-a lifetime experience, especially for an IMSA fan like myself.

If any of you Oppos and Jaloppos are going, hopefully I’ll see you there!

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