My mechanic and I are going to have a talk today.

The costs keep ballooning on this project and everytime we talk he brings up that its going to cost more.

I get that the man is a perfectionist and he's trying to fix all the little things he sees wrong in there, but I get the feeling he thinks my budget is unlimited and he's just trying to sneak it in.

the last time we talked he said ti was going to be higher than he though because of parts, and shipping on those parts and then included a quote to install the lift if i ran out time.

This morning he said it was going to be $800 higher than last time, reason; the same parts, the same shipping and this doesn't include the lift install. hmmmm.

I don't think he's being dishonest with me and trying to rip me off, but I don't think he's trying to save me money either. We will see this afternoon when (if) I get it back. Have an old jeep ad for your time.