Oh, this day. Not only do I not have the tools I need to do my job...at all... it seems that all the little things I was hoping to do during some dead time aren’t panning out:

Tried to get a warranty claim for a broken thing that has a 3 year warranty has been a run around and may not even be valid because I bought from (possibly) a unauthorized 3rd party vendor. They are claiming they wont accept warranty claims from 3rd party vendors because “they can’t guarantee the product was shipped as new”. It was bought new from an amazon vendor. At the time, It wasn’t even possible to buy direct from them so.... In any case, I’m actually pretty sure they can’t deny a claim based on that...but whatever.

I also got a call from my mom that the stupid heater at a remote and cold property is not working (again) and that my attempts to revive it over the phone failed. I’m thinking blown expansion tank or worse. hoping the pipes haven’t frozen over. wee!

I’m also recently took charge of helping build another property that is all sorts of a mess and I have to meet with many peoples to get it back on track. Well...at least I have time on my hands today.


Also, the barber I wanted to go to today during my downtime is closed.