Update* Guidance needed - About to get my next dream car

A clean blue Prelude


This red Prelude might be the better deal here and more likely to happen. I already ran a carfax and it is clean. Compared to the blue one, it is a Type SH with a lot less miles. Not as good looking or a rare color, but the maintenance done to it is extensive along with a fresh clutch. I have an incredibly strong bias towards blue cars but objectively, this is the better car to buy isn’t it?


Guys, this might actually happen. It is a base Prelude so I don’t have to worry about the ATTS failing and it has that sweet SH body kit that I really want. And it is Electron Blue Pearl. The seller and I are in contact and he is willing to take my unseen offer of $3.2k-4k max.

1st choice:


2nd choice:


seller accepted my offer of $6.5k and no less (NPoCP?) I already went there and drove it and tried to offer a fair price of $6k...after he blew me off as a dreamer, I walked and left him with a $6.5k offer. Pictures do not show that the hood scoop has a bunch of paint flaked off.

What does oppo think? Anything to watch out for? Which would you take?

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