For the last 6 months I have been shopping for a variety of cars. I currently drive a Focus ST and I have honestly just gotten bored with the car. So i made the decision to sell it and pick up something that I can make more my own. Yesterday I bought this 1991 BMW 325ix. The car has 330k miles with an engine rebuild 40k miles ago. It pulls strong, shifts well and the steering is tight. The interior was swapped with a very clean interior Seats from a BMW 2002. *Most of the electronics work well. The car starts up without hesitation after sitting all night. And the idle is level and stable

Now, I know I will hear “Why would you get rid of a new car to buy something so old with so many miles and blah blah blah” And my answer is. Because I want to. I am excited to make this car mine. It is far from perfect. There are dents and dings and cracks (no rust), The dash is cracked and the warning lights are lit up like Christmas trees. But with a budget of 10k I will be able to make this car a reliable and fun daily driver with PLENTY left over to add more authentic wheels, a Nardi steering wheel, and fix up some of the cosmetic details i want to address on the car. But first and foremost I will focus on the mechanical details.

So oppo I am happy to introduce to you Emma, the newest member of the oppo family.