A while ago, I got rid of my two Telecasters. I had built them both myself, but they were never quite as nice as I wanted them to be. I sold them and bought a cheap Epiphone Les Paul Jr to just focus on playing for a while.

And that worked fine, but yesterday I got a bit of an itch and bought something I maybe shouldn’t have:

It’s a Fender American Special, which is kinda their budget American guitar...retails for a few hundred dollars less than a Standard. I’m not usually a rosewood fretboard guy, but I love it with the Lake Placid Blue.

The specs seem pretty good for me. Alder body, so it’ll be light. Texas Special pickups, so it should be a nice blues/classic rock machine. I spent so much time fucking around with building my own, it’ll be nice to have one that just works for once.


The main reason I did it now is because of the place I bought it from, Zzounds. I didn’t want to drop a big lump sum on a guitar, and they do a no-interest pay as you play thing. Also, their service and shipping is unbelievable: they’re in NJ, I’m in RI, I bought the thing at 3pm Tuesday and it’s due to be delivered on Wednesday.

So that's a thing that I maybe shouldn't have done but I'm pretty excited that I did. Pictures of the real thing tonight!