Guitarlopnik: One Man's Trash Edition

Last weekend I went and picked up a Squier Bullet Strat that a junk removal company had found literally underwater for $30. This post is not about that guitar, because today I found another, much more interesting castoff.

Yesterday my wife and I went to a local discount store to get a new TV...this place sells last years model TVs, store demos, and general stuff that fell off a truck. We got a great deal on a beautiful 55" LG 4K unit, but while I was there the above guitar caught my eye.


Its a Michael Kelly, and I only had a basic knowledge of the brand in that I had heard of them but wasn’t aware what their deal is. So I left it, and instead bought a Mono M80 hybrid gig bag they had there for $100 (less than half price), thinking I had done pretty well.

So last night I got to thinking about this guitar, Googled Michael Kelly guitars, and it turns out they make some pretty nice stuff. This model is a 1955, a dual humbucker (mini at the neck, full PAF at the bridge) tele-style with a swamp ash body, maple top, and flame maple binding. Its got push-pull volume and tone pots so you can split both pickups, for a total of eight different pickup configurations.

The neck is also really interesting, it actually has a compound radius fretboard...10.5 inch to 16 inch. Satin finish on the back, really nice frets, just an overall really nice guitar. So what was it doing in this place?


Ah, thats why its here. I think it was probably dropped at some point, because it isn’t just the finish thats broken but the wood underneath. I mean its got a BITE taken out of it. Fortunately, everything around it is solid and it works fine.


MSRP on the guitar is $600, and I wouldn’t have paid that. And I didn’t pay that. I also didn’t pay $500, $400, $300, $200...I didn’t even pay $100. No, I bought this guitar for $60 today, and that means I basically stole the thing.

In fact, I have to go back to the place because they’ve got a BC Rich Gunslinger Retro for like $100...that isn’t really a guitar I’m interested in, but I can flip it for $300+ and I’m always interested in money.

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