Guitarlopnik (Warwick Edition)

I know there are some musicians on Oppo, so I thought I would share my latest bass guitar acquisition. I wandered in to a music store a couple days ago and left with a 2000 Warwick Streamer Standard 5. I think it's one of the last generations of the Streamer Standard made in the Fatherland and she's a real beaut. Pine body, ovangkol neck, wenge fretboard, passive humbuckers, and bronze frets. It has a fantastic woody growl to it and plays beautifully.

I have wanted a Warwick bass for years but typically the German-made ones (the ones worth having) are around the same price as a decent used Miata which is more than I wanted to spend on a guitar (or a Miata).


Anyway I'm off to play some music now.

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