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Finally broke down and bought parts for my 92FS.

Got Wilson Combat grips, springs, and trigger. I have been wanting these parts for a while now and I finally decided to just do it. Should be a lot nicer to shoot now. I love my 92, it is a great gun. THere are others I would like a little more like the Walther P99 and a Beretta M9A3, but the P99 is not on the roster and I would have to buy one second hand and the M9A3 will never sell in CA because it isnā€™t on the roster and it comes with a threaded barrel and that is not legal in CA because they think of it as a suppressor part and those arenā€™t legal here. Woo Hoo. Oh also I want a Ruger Vaquero (old one) in 45 long colt with the stainless 7.5" barrel.

Walther P99


Ruger Vaquero 45LC 7.5" SS