So, it’s the time of the year when the coyotes are hungry, and on the move. Also, the lambs are being born left and right (49 as of today) and we’ve been hearing them (the coyotes) yipping closer and closer and seen the tracks as close as 50 yards from the barn. Mrs. BoostAddict is not comfortable with the 12ga or the pistol, or the 308, and her single-shot .22 is, well, a single shot .22. So she asked for an anti-coyote gun she can use and feel comfortable with.

Remington 870 Magnum Express 28" in 20ga
Remington 870 Magnum Express 28" in 20ga

Enter the 20ga shotgun.

I’ve never owned a 20ga before, but they have gotten more and more popular and cheaper in recent years... This clean, used remington 870 Magnum Express was $245. There’s a few marks in the wood, but the bluing and powdercoat are all perfect and the action is nice and clean. I haven’t shot it yet, but I’m hoping Mrs. BoostAddict will feel comfortable with this, and I might just take it out for rabbit and turkey myself. It’s much lighter and points quicker than my (very)old Stevens 12ga.


First upgrade is gonna be a set of fiber-optic sights... then I start experimenting with chokes... the old Stevens is a fixed full, this, being a modern gun has interchangeable choke tubes. Also, 20ga ammo is more affordable than I remember, so I may need to dust off the skeet launcher... maybe do some grouse and pheasant hunting, hell, maybe even doves and/or pigeons... The 12ga has always been a bit of a chore to shoot, what with being full-choke and all, so maybe this is good for me too ;)

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