Problem, the poor Xc90 wasn’t armed. Solution for the customer?.... ask Volvo to go full 007 and install guns in the vehicle’s body panels that automatically recognizes criminals and shoots them.

Because we all know, more guns equal less shooting.......... pppfffftttt lololol! :]

If guns made us safer, the US would be the safest country in the world.... it’s not. It’s the opposite. Worry about real shit. You can’t shoot heart disease. You can’t shoot the dumb ass driver texting you before they T bone your car. You can’t shoot cancer.

Speaking of shooting, hunting season starts next month wooo hooo!!!!!!!


Me gusta hunting and guns!!!!!!

Time to take ye old Remington 700P LE out to get sighted. Set to 200 yrds or GTFAC! He is an old video of my brother shooting my rifle

Now, time to save up 5 bazillion dollars for a box of .270’s lol! What are made out of, gold? Crazyness.