So on this Skyline facebook group I am a member of there is a guy who just does not get that just because is 1984 300ZX AE is “rare” that it has no value. In this group you get a lot of “special” people posting regularly with the cars or without and wanting one. It’s like if Craigslist was a chat program. This one is over the top though.


He’s claiming it’s a “rare car” because it’s a Anniversary Edition version.

People were making insane claims of the value of their GTR, like one guy had this car:

Claiming it was MORE money than that stock minty one above. Skyline GTRs are worth 25k, that guy’s was $26k. On top of that IMO this thing is also absurd ugly.

Then a picture of his 300zx comes out:


I have to think this guy is a troll, then I see he’s some wishy 16 year old and think he probably actually thinks he’s got a gem lol. Some adult probably gave it to him and he actually thinks it’s worth $30k. “Someones for sure got the time to put $20k into this to restore!” he’s probably thinking lmao.

edit: Bonus interior pic: