Do you wanna play a "new" game? With probably the most in depth modification ever?! Look no further than here!

This link is where to start. Get the game, download mods and get started. I cna help anyone out who wants to get car packs in the game and what not.

Car packs go SLRR file(whatever you named it>Cars>Racers (drop both the RPK and the data file in that folder and the car is in the game.

Engines go SLRR>Parts>engines

To get any engine into any car you download this

Now if anyone has any cars they want, that I have saved on my laptop, I am willing to upload them somewhere (that is free and supports these files name some places please)


Anyone else play this at all?

Also a cheat code

type "begformoney" and click the screw driver image in the garage and you get a million dollars