GUYS (and gals)! GUESS WHAT!!!!

I've gotten the OK to host a big ass Oppo cookout this summer! Pool, live band, food, beverage, about 5 minutes from the beach 10 from the NJ Parkway, Let's do this! I'm still trying to figure out a date (I'm thinking Late june-mid july) And I'd also like to get an idea of when is the best time for everyone, and who could come. Being so close to the beach, there are a number of cheap motels in the area if you would like to come from farther away, and I also have a fairly large front yard, and can probably have a 10-15 car car show (if you guys would like) on the property. So, If you'd be down (I'm located in Wall, NJ, on the wall/belmar border) Just let me know here, or email me (i'll provide on request)


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