Guys... Guys.. I rented a 2018 Challenger R/T this past weekend.

I know it’s the not the most powerful vehicle they build (duh), but it beats my current lineup of 2013 Equinox/2015 Trax. My wife said she didn’t like it, but the half-smile/half “OMG BKosher84 STOP!!!” on the 0-60 in 5.3 seconds said otherwise.

That 385 HP purrs beautifully. I love the fact that it has a “normal” and “sport” mode. Basically, normal mode disengages half the cylinders compared to sport mode which makes it a V8 octane eating monster, which makes normal mode wife friendly.


There is also a pretty good room in the back for my sons car seat (foward facing), which my wife was worried about. We rented the car to go from CLE to DET and back for a weekend trip to my mother-in-laws house. My wife even let my son ride in the “fast car” (his term) back from Detroit (we took separate cars, because of reasons). I think deep down she likes it and wouldn’t stop me if we got a good deal on one down the road (when our Trax lease ends).

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