And it doesn’t involve Nigerian princes, this time!

So we open up a shop, but not just any shop. It’d be like a combination of a lube joint, electronics, and a tire shop. That way we don’t have to do any of the hard stuff like clutches or head gaskets, but we can just cross sell the shit out of stuff. We’d do half the work and make twice the money!

Oh, while you’re waiting on your new head unit to be installed we can also change your oil.

Or, while we’re installing your new amp and sub, we can do your brakes!

Or, someone comes in with a flat tire and we offer them a discount on getting a push button start installed!

See, It’d be gangbusters! And WobblesTheMind could do advertising for us, because I think one time he said he worked in marketing or something!


Then for the more experienced Oppos we could get a dealer licence and buy cars at auctions to work on and flip when business is slow!

Oh I almost forgot. We have a couple of chefs on Oppo, so they could have a diner inside! Ikea does it, why not us?