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Guys I bought a thing!

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Firstly, this photo is generic because my potato broke Tuesday .

By "I" I mean my mother bought a thing.

Backstory: my mother's 1995 Nissan maxima with 368K started leaking 5 quarts of oil every week about 3 months ago. My mother bought this car new, and did not want it to go, but it began to break down on her. I took her around to a few dealerships that she was interested in (Hyundai , ford, honda, toyota, vw, Subaru ). Both of us didn't really like the cars anywhere but Subaru, and our service was terrible everywhere but the Subaru dealership (the ford was okay, but he would not let us go anywhere but the predefined route on the test drive). After a little more shopping around, her mind was set on a Subaru. She bought a desert khaki XV crosstrek.


Currently, the car is at 650 of it's 1000 mile break-in period. The cvt is not that bad, but it good for a cvt, like really good. The sound system is worse than my moms 19 year old car. The wind noise is a little loud, but not unbearable.

I will give a full review once it has been broken in, and when my new potato comes in the mail.


Ignore whatever grammatical mistakes may be in this post, I don't plan to be anywhere near a professional writer.

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