What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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So the other day my girlfriend and I were walking through a parking lot when I spotted a 930 911. I brought up the crazy price inflation of the 911 and how that car can hit 6 figures and up. It was a brief conversation and I figured she was just nodding her head because I was talking about cars again. The next day we were back at the stores (yay Christmas shopping!!!) and we found a spot and as she was pulling it she noticed the 944 and freaked out thinking Porsche=omfgexpesnsive. I chuckled and explained that no, its a different car and that you can actually pick them up pretty cheap and now that the 911 is impossible to get I wonder how the prices will start to go up on the 944. She asked how much you can get one for and when I said that its possible to get one under 10k, her eyes got big and started going on about how if thats the case she would want one. I said well you can get them in Auto and she said nooooo, if shes gonna get a Porsche shes gonna learn how to drive a manual. Sooo here's where I need your help.


Looking for a Turbo, Turbo S or a S2 in decent condition, manual trans in the mid east coast region. Help me find a car you bargain hunters. When your girl starts asking for a manual trans old Porsche, you find her a god damn Porsche.

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