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23 months ago, I met Juliette. I fell in love with her at first sight. I didn’t want to get a cat but this little one reached out with her remaining front paw and stole my heart. She got the best we could get her; the best food (and she was picky), the best bed (that she never used) and the best paper bags to hide in (Trader Joe’s are top notch), the best love. She was the most important thing on this planet, particularly to me. Every bad thing that has happened in the past two years has been countered by her bringing me back to reality. She grounded me.


Last Wednesday, though, she had a severe congestive heart failure. I was traveling for work all week so my fiancée stepped up big. Jules is a fighter, having been hit by a car before we met, and she held out for me to come home from the middle of the country before falling asleep in my arms yesterday.

The first time she’s ever fallen asleep in my arms was the last.

I don’t care about rainbow bridges or any of that stuff that tries to make people feel better. I really don’t. I know she is gone. I know she was my baby. I know that I need her now more than ever. I know that when i go home, she won’t be greeting me. I know that the pain that I feel right now will fade with time, leaving just a scar.

I also know that she’s never truly gone. I’ll have her forever. So while her time on this earth was short (she wasn’t even three years old) and her time with us even shorter (nearly two years) I take solace in knowing that her 9th life was spent with us and that she was happy.

I love you, Juliette.


(Left is when I met her. Right was recent.)

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