You might have already seen my post on the abandoned mustang I found (… ) and I just now started the process of getting a title in my name. In Colorado, this is a huge pain and one of the most complicated and long processes you can go through. I contacted the owner of the property I found it on once already to get details. It is a 1967 hardtop with the 302 v8 engine and manual transmission. The exterior is in excellent condition for a car that has been sitting for a decade and the interior has normal wear and tear. It runs and drives but is missing two hubcaps, has a flat tire, and the engine bay is FILLED with dirt. This car has been in the same spot with the doors unlocked and they keys in plain view on the dash since the owner of the property (a disused sugar mill) bought it in 1992. The owner of the property has no knowledge of who owns the car and it HAS NOT been moved since the purchase of the mill. I called the local sheriff who will come get the VIN and license plate number on Friday. If the car has not been reported stolen it will be put up for claim over a period of 60 days and if the owner does not come get it then I will pay the owner of the mill to buy a bond and get a title transfer into his name. I can then get my money back from the bond and he will transfer the title to my name. As a poor high school student with a falling apart 1998 sn95 this could very well be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

TL;DR If every step of this process, including mountains of red tape and paperwork come through than in 4 to 5 months I will own a good condition 67 GT for the small price of DMV fees and a consideration for the owner of the property it was found on.